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Daffodil in my garden

Happy Spring!

Wishing my Northern Hemisphere friends and colleaques a beautiful Spring and a season of renewal for all.

Spring is Nature's way of saying "Let's Party!" ~ Robin Williams


Gracious Client Feedback

"We hired Cynthia Radford through GreenLeaf Consulting to assist us in rallying two very distinct teams within our company together around a high profile business objective. Cynthia did an amazing job of getting all the information she needed up front about our company, the culture and our pressing business needs. Cynthia utilized this information throughout our session to make our HBDI session very personalized and focused on our company's and teams' objectives versus just feeling like we were in a training class. The skills and tools we took away from that session are still being used amongst the teams and it's been a year and a half since the session.

Cynthia is an amazing facilitator, planful and impeccably prepared. I will use her services again and again to bring teams together and get them to move their individual differences aside so that they can move the business forward together." ~ Tawni Cranz, when Chief Talent Officer, Netflix Inc.

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Fresh Perspectives at GreenLeaf

My formula for growth: read widely, participate in professional associations, invest in new certifications, and travel to broaden and enrich.

Sunset on the Zambezi River

A Book of Quotes with My Photos

Sojourn - Thoughts for the Journey by Cynthia Radford

Sojourn is a postcard of discovery and growth from curious travelers and passionate observers across the ages. Bon Voyage! 120 pages (ISBN 978-0-578-02617-6)

The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. ~ Saint Augustine

Visit the Nature Break page for images and reflections from some of my horizon-expanding journeys.

Recent adventures: A successful Kilimanjaro summit bid and hiking in Zion National Park.


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