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Learning is the very essence of humility; learning from everything and from everybody. There is no hierarchy in learning.

~ J. Krishnamurti











Pizza Sessions:


gardentoolsA Sampling of Cynthia's Certifications & Resources

· LPI (Leadership Practices Inventory by Kouzes & Posner)

· The Leadership Challenge Workshop

· IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory)

· HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) Thinking Styles Assessment and The Whole Brain® Advantage

Having worked for twenty years in “Big Pharma” I have had the opportunity to attend a number of development programs… this was one of the best sessions I’ve had on Leadership Development. You provided tangible and actionable concepts to us. I look forward to implementing many of them with my sales team. - Oxford, England

Bausch & Lomb Leadership Development Program - Oxford, England

The HBDI identifies your preferred approach to thinking. Are you more emotional, analytical, structural or strategic?

· Center for Creative Leadership Materials

· Oshry Organization Workshop simulation:

Simulation Action

...I thought the simulations were an excellent concentrated version of an organization in motion...The compressed experience is an eye opener to most of us. We tend to take this thing for granted - especially among those able and gifted and lucky enough not to have started among "Bottoms" in their personal working/professional lives... ~ Manila, Philippines

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· Blanchard Leader Behavior Analysis (LBAII)

· Various Survival Situations and Business Simulations

· And an MS in Instructional Design for creating customized materials to suit client needs

I'm always evaluating new resources for the Tool Shed. I'd be pleased to hear about some of your favorites.

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