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The Nature of Leadership by Stephen Covey, Roger Merrill and Dewitt Jones is a feast for the eyes and soul. At first glance it appears to be an attractive coffee table book. However, it only takes a quick read to discover that this volume's beauty is more than skin deep. Tthe short essays and quotes about life, leadership and natural principles are both inspirational and educational. I feel refreshed after reading even a few pages.

Here's an excerpt from Dewitt's essay about John Muir, the founder of the US national parks, to give you the flavor:

Muir was a man who made his life his art, and that was a staggering concept for me. Like many, I had been raised in a school system that taught me from the time I was about knee high that there were two things: There was life... and there was art. And they were not the same.

Art was the ultimate elective. Art was what you got to do after everything else was done. Art was creative, and art was fun.

Then there was life. Life was serious. Life was hard. You were supposed to do life all the time. And those doing art? Well, they were a little suspect anyway.

What a terrible definition! I believe it defined most of us out of ever thinking that we could be creative. Creativity had to do with art, and art had to do with painting and sculpture, and if you didn't do those things you were out of the loop.

Muir showed me this wasn't true, that my creativity could come out in everything - in great photographs, in good business decisions, in the way I treated my family, in the service I gave in my community. It could come out in my life.

The Nature of Leadership
makes a special gift for business associates, your manager, and most of all yourself.

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