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Scottish Fishermen
Everyday Creativity is a visually beautiful 20-minute film hosted by Dewitt Jones, longtime National Geographic photojournalist. In addition to the lush photography and exciting location footage that makes it fun to watch, the dvd is useful in a practical sense to make the following points:

* Creativity is a matter of perspective
Look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary, Jones says.

* There's always more than one right answer
An important message for the linear-thinking corporate world!

* Don't be afraid to make mistakes
Jones underscores this point by explaining that each National Geographic story has about 30 photos. It takes an average of 14,000 frames to produce those final 30 images, so the majority of the photographer's efforts might be considered mistakes.

* Learn to break the pattern
Get out of the same old routine!

* Reframe problems into opportunities
The old silver lining approach saves Dewitt's fly fishing location shoot in Scotland.

* Train your technique
Practice, practice, practice and know the tools of your trade.

Everyday Creativity is a great film! It brings a bit of the outdoors in for a refreshing nature break. It can be effectively bundled into a half or full-day devoted to creativity and innovation. That allows for ample application exercises to ground the concepts. It would also be a great quick booster-shot for folks who've already explored the themes of creativity and innovation.

Companion materials included with an Everyday Creativity video purchase are a leader guide, participant workbook, and PowerPoint slides on CD-ROM.

If you'd like to take a look, free previews are available from CRM Learning: 800-421-0833.

Everyday Creativity is produced by StarThrower Productions Rent US$295. Purchase US$795.

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