Nature Break


Nature has a remarkable way of revitalizing and helping me refocus on what’s important. So I try to add Nature Breaks to business trips, some simply seeking out a park or garden for an hour or two of greenspace.


Other Nature Breaks are a bit more elaborate – like a three-day Chao Phraya River barge journey to the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya after a Bangkok project. A couple of months later, a battered envelope arrived containing a Thai Nature Explorer magazine. What a surprise to discover I was pictured five times in a story about the old teak rice barge’s meanderings.

Nature Explorer

Even if you don’t read Thai, the pictures are pretty. Page through Nature Explorer.

As a recent Yale article explains, turning down the noise of modern life and stepping back to reflect and reconnect in nature is not only nice to have, but it’s a have-to-have for physical health and cognitive function. The growing body of research…has led to tipping point at which health experts, researchers, and government officials are now proposing widespread changes aimed at bringing nature into people’s everyday lives.

Given the rapidly growing body of science around Nature’s health benefits, Nature Retreats are an investment in wellness – and if your insurance picks up the tab, let me know. I want that coverage! Check out this Nature Rx Ad – I promise a belly laugh. And for more nuanced consideration, see this fascinating NatGeo “This is Your Brain on Nature” talk.

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