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GreenLeaf Services

· Leadership training and executive retreats
· Multi-source (360°) feedback
· Individual leadership coaching
· Intercultural effectiveness development
· Teambuilding consultation and workshops

Making it Stick

Asia Leadership Program

Leadership Training and Executive Retreats

The real stars in any organization are leaders who can draw the best performance out of others — as well as themselves. GreenLeaf learning experiences help cultivate these stars. Leaders get involved and energized during GreenLeaf programs for lasting skills use on the job and maximum organizational impact. The old parade of speakers doesn't work anymore. Hands-on learning is at the heart of GreenLeaf transformational leadership development programs.

What people hear they forget,
What people see they remember,
What people do they understand

Subject areas vary with each client's unique business needs and organizational challenges. Workshops and retreats range from 2 to 5 days and can cover all aspects of leadership and interpersonal effectiveness. Topics might include behaviors of exemplary leaders, understanding and leveraging individual differences, coaching, building teams, organization dynamics, values, innovation, and handling conflict. Sessions often incorporate assessment tools and 360° feedback processes.

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Leadership Workshops:

The Leadership Challenge Workshop - 2 Day highly acclaimed program built around Kouzes and Posner's landmark research on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.

A study conducted on 94 large companies (avg. annual income of $17.4 billion) by researcher and author Richard Roi discovered that companies applying the 5 Leadership Challenge® Practices (as measured by the LPI 360), achieved:

  1. An average stock price growth of 204% in 10 years
  2. A net income growth of 841%

Companies ranked as having weak transformational leadership practices achieved:

  1. An average stock price growth of 76%
  2. A net income decrease of 49%

Let's face it, poor leadership is just too expensive to ignore. Even good leadership is too expensive to ignore. Another independent research study showed that extraordinary leaders (top 10%) earned up to 6 times more profit for their business than average or good leaders in the same business (as measured by 360° feedback)

For nearly fifteen years, over 95% of all participants worldwide have rated The Leadership Challenge Workshop as “Superior” or “The Best” leadership development program they ever attended.

Who Are You?

The HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) for Leaders (download a brochure)

Authentic and effective leadership requires taking time to understand yourself and the people you serve. During this lively one-day session you'll explore results from the highly regarded HBDI thinking styles assessment. Breakthrough insights about what makes you and others tick will enhance your vital leadership practices of communication, problem solving, decision-making, and teambuilding.

Click to open "What is the HBDI" document

Uncage Your Mind!

As a leader, do you know how to unlock the creativity of your team members? In this Information Age, we live by what comes out of our minds. Creativity and Innovation have never been more necessary for personal fulfillment, professional success, and competitive advantage.

According to research, 98% of children ages 3 to 5 demonstrate genius level creativity. That number drops to only 2% by the age of 20. As Buckminster Fuller said, We are all born geniuses, but the process of living de-geniuses us.


According to a recent IBM survey of more than 1,500 chief executive officers from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide, chief executives believe that--more than rigor, management discipline, integrity, or even vision--successfully navigating an increasing complex world will require creativity.

"CEOs identify creativity as the number one leadership competency of the successful enterprise of the future." The solution, according to the report, is "instilling creativity throughout an organization."

Aha!Creativity isn't a magical, mysterious gift that some have and others don't - - We all have it. Rekindle your creative spark in our lively and interactive workshop. During this 2-day workshop we'll experiment with tools, techniques, and processes that release creative thinking and innovative problem solving.

BMW Leaders at PineCrest Inn, North Carolina


Multi-Source (360°) Feedback

Most people don't see themselves as others see them. All of us have some blind spots that can hinder our effectiveness as leaders. 360-Degree Feedback (also called multi-rater feedback or full-circle feedback) is a survey process that generates a candid snapshot of a leader's strengths and growth areas from many different angles. The 360° process gathers the perspectives of peers, customers, employees and managers. While others see both a leader's strengths and ineffective behaviors, they seldom bring this information to the leader's attention.

By the way, your employees hate you is not something a leader can afford to hear these days since retaining people is such a competitive challenge. Keeping and motivating top talent depends largely on the relationships leaders cultivate with their team members.

Did You Know... that 39% of the variability in corporate performance is attributable to the personal fulfillment of employees? And 69% of the variability in employee fulfillment is attributable to the manager's leadership qualities. (Source: Wilson Learning Corporation, Study of Business Performance involving 14 organizations and 25,000 employees.)

The GreenLeaf 360° approach thoughtfully and confidentially utilizes research-based feedback to highlight strengths and target development priorities as a first step in creating a personal leadership development plan. Group data can also serve as a needs assessment for planning training and development investments.

The function of self-examination is to lay the groundwork for insight, without which no growth can occur. Insight is the “Oh, I see now” feeling which must, consciously or unconsciously, precede change in behavior… Thus self-examination is a preparation for insight, a groundbreaking for the seeds of self understanding which gradually bloom into changed behavior. ~ Paul Brouwer


Individual Leadership Coaching

Managers and executives have discovered that individual coaching helps them develop self-understanding. As Kouzes & Posner say, ultimately, leadership development is a process of self-development. The quest for leadership is first an inner quest to discover who you are. That insight leads to more effective leadership, strengthened relationships, and a renewed focus on personal growth and professional satisfaction. (Benefits of One-on-One Coaching)

If you're a motivated leader, a collaborative coaching partnership with Cynthia can help you become your very best and achieve your personal and professional goals. Work in person or over the phone to explore results of various assessment tools and create a personal development plan to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Then, schedule convenient ongoing follow-up phone sessions to support your efforts, create accountability and build momentum.

Individual coaching is also a highly effective follow-up to leadership workshops and executive retreats, increasing the odds of actually using newly learned skills and implementing development plans.


S'More Making Lessons


Watering Can Globe

The real voyage of
discovery consists
not in seeking new
lands, but in seeing
with new eyes.

~ P R O U S T

The Art of Crossing Cultures

Are your employees fluent in the ways of the world? In the 21st century's global economy, being well-versed in intercultural relations isn't a luxury - it's a competitive necessity. Dealing effectively with cultural differences often drives business results. GreenLeaf Consulting offers the following intercultural effectiveness workshops:

Cross Cultural Business Savvy (effective intercultural business relationship and communication practices)

Leading Across Cultures (insights and tools for managers with employees from cultures different than their own)

Working Together: Effective Multicultural Teams (learn to grow diverse employees into high-performing work groups)

Intercultural effectiveness may also be a component of a leadership workshop, a focal point for one-on-one coaching, a one or two day skill-building seminar, or a series of half-day sessions.

Cynthia's a certified practitioner of the IDI. The (IDI) Intercultural Development Inventory is a powerful research-based tool for gauging a person's progress on the journey toward intercultural awareness and effectiveness. It can be a catalyst for individual development planning and growth.


Teambuilding Consultation and Workshops

Seems like there's been a team craze the past few years. In fact, some studies report that 90% of American employees spend at least part of their day in a team situation, yet only about half received any formal teamwork training. Bringing together the knowledge, skills, and perspectives of a wide range of people calls for new skills related to learning how to work together: figuring out team roles and relationships, making collaborative decisions, giving constructive feedback and dealing with conflict to name only a few.

While teams aren't the answer for every situation, if effectively focused and equipped, they can unlock creativity, talent and experience for generating original solutions to difficult challenges. Teams working on all cylinders can help move their organizations from strategies to results more quickly.

GreenLeaf Consulting can work with your organization to optimize team performance by creating grassroots leadership and sparking renewed energy and commitment.

Teamwork in Action


To Learn more about these and other services, please contact Cynthia.

Making it Stick

It's important to plan for relapse prevention by building in both formal and informal follow-up strategies following 360°assessment feedback, executive retreats, leadership workshops or teambuilding sessions. This guards against the six week phenomenon (people go to a seminar or coaching session, get excited, and six weeks later it's as if nothing happened.) You know what I'm talking about don't you? Learning is a journey, not a single event. It takes time to develop new skills and put them into practice.


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