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Step out of the stress of daily life and rejuvenate in the tranquility and beauty of nature. GreenLeaf Nature Retreats are the place for deep revitalization and inspiration. Nourish yourself with higher level conversations and space for individual reflection.

Come retreat with me…


Hi, I’m Cynthia Radford, an International Executive Coach, Certified Nature Retreat Leader and North Carolina Mountain Native. 

I’m a lifelong nature lover, passionate observer and explorer who finds peace and centeredness in the beauty of the natural world. I’ve worked with executives and senior teams around the globe for 20+ years in the areas of leadership and team development. More about that here.

Now I’m delighted to also offer Nature Retreats for individuals, teams and for women. It’s also possible to weave nature elements into other customized GreenLeaf team sessions.  Nature Rx’s Filled Here…

Given the rapidly growing body of science around Nature’s health benefits, consider Nature Retreats an investment in your wellness – and if your insurance picks up the tab, let me know. I want that coverage!

Check out this Nature Rx Ad – I promise a belly laugh. And for more nuanced consideration, 3 scientists (all women) give a fascinating NatGeo “This is Your Brain on Nature” talk. Finally, for the low-down on nature’s restorative benefits by a prize-winning author with attitude, I highly recommend The Nature Fix – Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative by Florence Williams.

Adding Women’s Nature Retreats to the mix enables me to share the healing power of nature to nurture hard-working women as they make the world a better place. I invite you to retreat with me and an intimate group of amazing women.

Delight in the wonders of the world within and around you.


Mark your calendars for our April 1-3, 2020

Spring Women’s Retreat in Saluda, North Carolina!

🌿More details here real soon…

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..a moment of quiet in your busy day.

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🙏🏼 Thanks to those who joined our circle for the first GreenLeaf Women’s Nature Retreat of 2020!


E L E V A T E   Your Year  ✦  January 8-10, 2020


The Mountains Are Calling… 

Get away from it all on the shores of pristine Lake Toxaway in Western North Carolina’s Land of Waterfalls. Breathe the crisp mountain air. Slow down and rest from the holidays, gently reconnect with nature and open to the new beginnings quietly forming within you.

✦ Soulfully relax and nurture yourself
✦ Realign with what matters and reflect on what’s next
✦ Re-energize your connection with your purpose and your work
✦ Rediscover nature’s restorative power

Embraced by the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains, the sights and sounds of nature will unscrunch your shoulders from your ears. Prepare to embark on your year feeling renewed, revitalized and recharged.

Preview our schedule here.


Our ELEVATE Your Year Retreat Location 

Nature Lovers Love Creature Comforts Sometimes Too – especially in the winter! Leave your sleeping bag at home this time. You deserve to be cozy and pampered as you gather your energy for the year ahead.

The elegant Greystone Inn & Spa, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, exudes warmth and hospitality with her gracious firelit rooms, inspiring lakeside mountain views and thoughtful amenities. Cashmere hot water bottle turn-down anyone? (video)

🏆 Breaking news: The Greystone was recently voted #11 Best Resort in the South by Conde Nast Traveller.




Check out the video or visit The Greystone Inn to get the feel of this special place. I love the story of the sassy, big-hearted woman, Miss Lucy, who built the Inn just over a hundred years ago. (And I thought I was stubborn…Can you top what she did?)


Did Someone Say Spa?

Naturally, the Greystone Spa offers a range of blissful services to soothe your spirit and fortify your body for the year ahead. Perhaps you’d like to come a bit early or extend your visit for some extra Spa time. Nothing like a sauna or hot stone massage after a brisk saunter in the winter woods! A not-so-subtle hint for your holiday wishlist? (Trust me, they’ll thank you for the idea.)


The Lake

The vintage wooden Miss Lucy is tucked away in her cozy boathouse ’til Spring, but the adventurous among us might enjoy a paddle around the lake. Lake Toxaway will be down a few feet for winter maintenance, meaning no motor boat noise to disturb the splash of water on the shore, or birdcalls echoing through the hills. The Cherokee word toxaway translates to red bird.  The toxaway, or cardinal, is North Carolina’s state bird and joins chickadees, nuthatches, finches and an abundance of others in their lakeside morning chorus.


Our Gathering Place

Oh, and when we’re not out communing with Mother Nature – smelling real pine trees, marveling at icicle-festooned waterfalls, celebrating vivid winter sunsets, star-gazing at velvety night skies/basking in the Full Moon!, etc. – we’ll gather fireside under this mossy roof (stairs required):



Hear your heart saying: “I really need this!”? If so, we’ll see you in the mountains.


The Particulars

Where in the World?

Located between the resort towns of Brevard and Highlands, The Greystone Inn is on Lake Toxaway off US Hwy 64, 50 miles southwest of Asheville, North Carolina and an easy drive from Greenville, Atlanta and Charlotte.



Count me in! How do I save a spot?” 

First, Register/ Pay Your Retreat Fee

$995 includes: full ELEVATE Your Year program led by Coach Cynthia and retreat materials.  Get in touch with me (Cynthia) to settle up with a check or pay here securely through PayPal with a credit card: 


🙏🏼 Refer a friend, daughter, colleague, neighbor, etc. and receive a complimentary post-retreat coaching session with my thanks. Of course this is a small-group experience, so spaces are limited.


Second, Book Your Room

Your other costs include choice of lodging based on your needs – from simple to luxurious – and lunch/dinner.  

🎁 Consider treating yourself to a room with a crackling fireplace, a sweeping mountain view or a deep soaking tub. All are quiet and sumptuous with restful cloud soft beds at a great discounted rate: Retreat Room Options

Full breakfast in the picturesque Lakeside Dining Room is included in our retreat room rate. 

Join others for top-notch company during lunch and dinner. Or, grab a hand-tossed pizza or salad to-go from the Mansion Bar and savor every last morsel in your PJ’s. No forced conviviality – a retreat is about honoring your own needs.

Call The Greystone Inn’s gracious guest services team at 828-966-4700 to book our ELEVATE Your Year Package – not available online.


Retreat Questions? Email me / Questions About The Greystone Inn?  Call 828-966-4700 / Brochure for a friend?


🌲 The mountains are calling and I must go.  ~ John Muir


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