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Testimonial letter from
a GE C-Course alumni

…a positive breath of fresh air. - Kilmore, Australia

This brought and enhanced new or previously learned methods back to life. Your method of teaching allowed me to gain a better perspective on the tools available…A perspective that I had not learned in graduate school. - Greenville, SC, USA

Cynthia is sincere, upbeat and so knowledgeable. She made everyone feel individually important. - St. Paul, MN, USA

All Smiles in Bangkok - The Organization Workshop Simulation

Thank you very much for your training. This training is very useful for me and better than any I accept before. ~ Beijing, China

The tools gave me an improved understanding of myself and how people relate to each other. - McLean, VA, USA

Thanks for the course last year - - a year later I appreciate it even more. It has made a difference. - Melbourne, Australia

Excellent. As someone who has a cynical view of training (done it all) you carried the week through and added significant value to my career. Thanks. - Wellington, New Zealand

Cynthia personally cares each student is involved and grows. - Kilmore, Australia

I'll never forget how important and inspiring what you transmitted to me in that course in the UK was, and in some way you're responsible for so many good changes in my life. - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Minster Lovell Hall, UK (Click photo to learn about the ghost our group of intrepid BMW leaders hoped to meet here)

This course is very good for managers with a lot of responsibility. It makes them realize that they hold the power to make change. Don't just sit back and watch time pass. - Kilmore, Australia

In any class, I try to come away with learning one thing I can take back. In this class, I came away with many. - New York, NY, USA

…relates extremely well to the business experience of a diverse group of employees. - Blue Bell, PA, USA

Thanks for all the information and support… we appreciated learning so much from you. - Toronto, Canada

...I am usually not the talkative person you saw in your workshop...I feel that it has to do with the open style you project. I know you would be welcomed in Trinidad. ~ St. Paul, MN, USA

Enormous energy, humour and domain knowledge. - Lancemore Hill, Australia

Touring the BMW Zentrum...

Thank you for the best training I had during 6 years with the company. - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I learned a great deal and have more confidence in myself than ever before. - Denver, CO, USA

Very experienced in topic and excellent integration into real life. - Kilmore, Australia

…thank you again for your interesting seminar in Lenzerheide. I appreciated very much your help to make us conscious of what synergies could be risen by the integration of the "middles." Thank you again for your excellent job. - Zurich, Switzerland

… a pleasure to have learnt so much so quickly. - Sydney, Australia

You definitely left a lasting impression on us. Thanks again for a most encouraging session. - Manila, Philippines


Thanks to Christian for this unique perspective on our workshop:

Session Kick-Off Mid-program Almost Done!


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