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Cynthia Radford



Hi, I’m Cynthia Radford and I believe people, like all things in nature, are unique – and that effective leaders create enriching environments where diverse people and teams can thrive while accomplishing important work.


I’ve designed and facilitated major leadership development initiatives for global organizations in North and South America, Europe and Asia.  Explore GreenLeaf Services for fun, engaging and memorable ways to cultivate sustainable leadership teams who create impact while leading with purpose. Be sure to check out the new retreats in beautiful natural settings I’ve designed specifically for women leaders.


I’ve had the privilege of working across the United States and in Argentina, Canada, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, England, Ireland, Germany, Thailand, Switzerland, France, Colombia, Malaysia, and Australia with business leaders from over 40 countries in a range of coaching, workshop and retreat settings. Colleagues and clients have kindly described me as passionate, knowledgeable and a “breath of fresh air.”


Prior to launching GreenLeaf Consulting, I worked in Organization Development, Instructional Design and Training roles at Arthur Andersen, Walgreens, and Unisys. I also taught on the adjunct faculty at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, where my subjects included Global Leadership, Leading Change, Creativity, and Building Effective Teams.


I’m honored to serve on the board of Dining for Women, the largest global giving circle dedicated to equality and well-being for women and girls around the world.


My educational background includes an MS in Instructional Design and a BS in Nutrition from Purdue University. I’m certified in several highly regarded diagnostic tools, a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a Master Facilitator of the HBDI Thinking Styles survey/Whole Brain Thinking, a methodology used by 97% of Fortune 100 companies.  


I grew up in the North Carolina mountains, where beautiful forests, wildflowers, and waterfalls impressed on me at an early age the importance of caring for our environment. I’ve selected an oak leaf to symbolize my work and purpose. Oak trees have long represented strength, courage and great potential for growth. And nature has long offered place for me to rejuvenate and gain clarity about my path and purpose. With that in mind, I’m thrilled to now offer GreenLeaf Nature Retreats to help individuals, leadership teams, and women take a much needed purposeful pause. Registration now open for a Women’s Nature Retreat.


I enjoy hiking and am an avid gardener and photographer, traveling to expand my horizons. Adventures have taken me to Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Dominica, Honduras, Vieques, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Zanzibar, and other intriguing locales, including a successful Kilimanjaro summit bid. The photos on this site are from some of these journeys.


Travel, especially off-the-beaten-path nature experiences, has always broadened and enriched my perspective. As St. Augustine said: “The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

I invite you to page through my Sojourn – Thoughts for the Journey  book. It’s a postcard of discovery, blending my nature images with insights from curious travelers and passionate observers across the ages.


Partial GreenLeaf Client List


  GreenLeaf Client Perspectives


“We hired Cynthia Radford through GreenLeaf Consulting to assist us in rallying two very distinct teams within our company together around a high profile business objective. Cynthia did an amazing job of getting all the information she needed upfront about our company, the culture, and our pressing business needs. Cynthia utilized this information throughout our session to make our HBDI session very personalized and focused on our company’s and teams’ objectives versus just feeling like we were in a training class. The skills and tools we took away from that session are still being used amongst the teams and it’s been a year and a half since the session. “Cynthia is an amazing facilitator, planful and impeccably prepared. I will use her services again and again to bring teams together and get them to move their individual differences aside so that they can move the business forward together.”  ~ Tawni Cranz, when Chief Talent Officer, Netflix Inc.


I must have done something dreadful in a former life. How else is it that I’ve ended up in so many “training sessions,” “facilitated meetings,” and “team-building activities” through the years? They’ve ranged from dreadful to surreal-ly dreadful, each more horrid than the last. Unlike Dante, though, my journey through the circles of mediocre trainers seemed destined to never end.

Until I met Cynthia, that is.

I spent several days with her in a group setting – she moved skillfully from instructor to facilitator to coach, and provided me (and others in the group) with useful information and insights that still come in handy today. She can “read a room” like no one else I know, and adopts accordingly to keep the energy level high. Rather than simply “reciting” the work of others, Cynthia takes the best-of-the-best, and delivers a customized solution that will transform your team or business.

She is the best – take it from one who knows!  ~ Michael Kannisto, Ph.D. | VP Global Talent Acquisition, PVH Corp (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.)


Cynthia is a powerful presenter and facilitator who really knows her stuff. I would recommend her without hesitation for any training, development or leadership work.  ~ Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, Chief Thought Leader and Chair of the Board at Herrmann


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