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Whole Brain Thinking and Ways to Use the HBDI

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HBDI model

HBDI details

Whole Brain Thinking is the ability to think and act outside of our preferred thinking style - a key to individual and organizational success in a world where we need to engage seamlessly across geographic, functional and generational differences.

In a diverse cognitive environment, a message sent is not necessarily a message received. Some people respond well to facts, figures, and statistics. Others prefer anecdotes. Still others digest graphic presentations most easily. Information must be delivered in the preferred "language" of the recipient if it is to be received at all.

The HBDI™ is a unique, scientifically validated and internationally recognized tool for assessing thinking styles with multiple applications.

Ned Herrmann, the creator of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI™), founded Herrmann International in 1981. The company's headquarters is in Lake Lure, North Carolina, USA with a network of practitioners licensed by Herrmann International to administer the HBDI™ and to consult with clients on thinking style strategies. Cynthia is a Master HBDI Facilitator.

Thinking styles are so fundamental, one can easily overlook their profound influence on leadership development, team effectiveness, communication and conflict resolution, innovation, cultural change and organizational learning.

Preference must not be confused with skills or abilities. For instance you may prefer to approach problems intuitively but in fact may be better trained to approach them analytically. Preferences are not rigid; most people can draw on a mixture of approaches. We often stretch outside the borders of our preferred operating modes if the conditions are right and the stakes are high enough.

Cognitive preferences also reveal themselves in work styles and decision-making activities. Some people prefer to work together in solving problems, whereas others prefer to gather, absorb, and process information by themselves. Each type does its best work under different conditions.

GreenLeaf Consulting International offers HBDI thinking style reports that help individuals, pairs, groups, teams, and organizations determine their thinking preferences. HBDI profiles pave the way for a better understanding of how thinking preferences can influence everything we do. Download a brochure.

All the assessment and training in the world means nothing though unless new understanding brings different actions. If you want an innovative organization, you need to employ, work with and promote people who make you uncomfortable. You need to understand your own thinking preference so that you can complement your low preferences and leverage your strengths. The HBDI™ will help you understand yourself and will help others understand themselves and put your company's whole brain to work.

When organizations turn Whole Brain® Thinking into a way of doing business, they report significant advantages, including increased sales, customers and profits; better functioning teams; improved problem solving and decision making; increased innovation and creativity; and a host of other benefits that come from putting their entire talent's brainpower to work. Read more about how the Whole Brain Advantage cultivates thriving organizations and fuels business results.

Whole Brain® Thinking allows individuals, teams and organizations to better understand and leverage their preferred thinking styles. The possibilities are limitless and the results are powerful - just see the list below for a sampling of situations well-suited to this methodology.

Click here for HBDI Validation Information.

GreenLeaf Leadership Group in Bangkok

Gracious Client Feedback...

"We hired Cynthia Radford through GreenLeaf Consulting to assist us in rallying two very distinct teams within our company together around a high profile business objective. Cynthia did an amazing job of getting all the information she needed up front about our company, the culture and our pressing business needs. Cynthia utilized this information throughout our session to make our HBDI session very personalized and focused on our company's and teams' objectives versus just feeling like we were in a training class. The skills and tools we took away from that session are still being used amongst the teams and it's been a year and a half since the session.

Cynthia is an amazing facilitator, planful and impeccably prepared. I will use her services again and again to bring teams together and get them to move their individual differences aside so that they can move the business forward together."

~ Tawni Cranz, Chief Talent Officer, Netflix Inc., Beverly Hills, California



Relationship with Others
Self Development

Individual and Team Development
Planning Approach
Task Force Formation
Learning Group Formation
Managing Differences
Creative Team Formation
Dealing with Diversity
Dealing with Change

Thinking Styles
Learning Styles
Course Design

Job Design
Education/Training Direction
Article Report/Career Direction
Book Design
Job Choice
Organization Structure
Organization Climate

Organization Culture
Learning Delivery
Management/Leadership Style
Team Building
Staff Interaction

Creative Problem Solving

Organization Development


Educational Courses
Needs Assessment
Strategy Development
Sales training
Learning Materials

Download a HBDI Brochure or contact Cynthia for more information

Whole Brain Advantage

GreenLeaf Consulting helps people and organizations to gain greater insights into how they prefer to think, learn and communicate. Through our customized HBDI learning experiences we enable them to harness the power of their thinking for improved productivity, creativity and fulfillment.

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