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A collaborative coaching relationship helps motivated leaders become their very best and achieve their goals by:

- Providing a confidential snapshot of their behavior strengths, growth areas and effect on others.

- Sizing up their situation and setting developmental goals to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

- Reconnecting with their personal sense of purpose and direction. (Is work still fun and energizing?)

- Confidentially discussing important matters like their own growth and development, working relationships within their team, and specific business challenges.

- Creating a rare opportunity to think out loud and receive constructive feedback.

- Talking through actions before they are implemented. This often improves the chances for a sound decision.

- Sparking creative ideas and options by providing a safe sounding board and confidante.

- Setting their own agenda for exploring issues and concerns that matter most to them.

- Helping them learn how to learn.

- Making the most of their unique abilities and growing to new levels of performance and maturity.

So, how does coaching work?

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