Resources to Help You Step More Lightly

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to begin? Download these cheat sheets for use-it-now practical ideas so you can begin making more of a difference today.

Quiz: How Long Does it Take?

You might be surprised how long it takes various things to break down once they’re tossed. Of course, natural things like apple cores go away quickly – right? Hmmmmm. You may be surprised. Take the quiz and pick up some tips for reducing food waste in your home.

5 Ways to be a Sustainably Savvy Shopper

Every action we take in life is an opportunity to be better. When we know better, we can do better. We’re all at different points on our journey toward sustainability. Here are some of my favorite tips to be a more conscious consumer.

7 Steps to Leave No Trace

There’s no better remedy for a weary body and soul than some restorative time in a naturally wild place. That soul soothing sanity break though should (and I almost never say should) come with responsibilities to be a respectful guest. Here’s how.