~ Jane Goodall

and you have to decide what kind of difference
you want to make.”

“What you do makes a difference,

I’m so grateful you’re here.

I’d love to help you:

  • Cultivate team cohesion and connection
  • Develop your organization’s leaders
  • Grow your personal leadership
  • Realign with your most authentic talents, gifts and passions
  • Support the growth of women leaders in your organization
Getting Grounded

Individual Leaders

Is your life/work feeding your soul? Are you leading authentically? If not, let’s figure out why and map a more spirit-nourishing path for you. We can create that via Coaching, an Intimate Retreat in a Naturally Beautiful Hideaway or a One-on-One Personal Retreat.

Diverse Thinking Teams


Do you wish your team could be a community where diverse people genuinely look forward to coming to work every day and making a positive difference together? Is your team a bit frayed around the edges by the current circumstances? I’d love to help.

Practicing Leadership Skills


Would you say your organization has a culture of authentic connection, and your leaders are energized to be a force for good? Are women being cultivated for leadership roles? Let’s talk if there’s room for growth…

We all need partners

along the way – especially to navigate times of transition and embark on a new beginning. I’ll have your back as guide who’s blazed that trail herself, and help you dig deep and rediscover your own inner compass. It’s time to revitalize yourself and step into your full potential as an authentically inspiring leader who enables diverse teams and organizations to flourish.

Hi – I’m Cynthia. I overcame obstacles to do things like often being the only woman in a room of leaders early in my career, launching a leadership consultancy and working around the world for big-name organizations with amazing leaders from over 40 countries. I’ve had the privilege of filling up passports and journeying to the world’s far corners to experience natural wonders like summiting Kilimanjaro. …always with a hope to learn, grow and be of service. I want to do my part to foster a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world – and to help you and your team make the mark you dream of.

GreenLeaf Vision

Nurture leadership potential so all can flourish and make the difference they dream of.

GreenLeaf Mission

Help diverse individuals, teams and organizations cultivate transformational leadership via custom coaching, retreats, and workshops.

“Anyone searching for maximizing your purpose?
Cynthia Radford works this magic.”

~ Barb C., Greenville, South Carolina

Helping Teams and Leaders Flourish

What can I do to help you?

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Chemistry matters (even though I was awful at in school!)
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